4 FSS leadership and marketing require all FSS activities to plan events strategically using the 150, 90, 60, 30 days focus deadlines. The amount of marketing support activities receive depends on when the events/promotions were submitted. Projects that are not events or promotions require a two-week turnaround. Strategic Planning (check the box that best fits your project timeline submitted date).

Digital Files

All work requests will include flyer designs for TV ads (can also be used for Facebook posts/events), and Bowling Monitors, unless otherwise requested.

Seeking Commercial Sponsorship?

If you are needing Commercial Sponsorship, please ONLY submit a Sponsorship Request and fill out every section with as many details as possible.

Advertising Pushes

Once approval is given for advertising, Facebook posts promoting events/programs will be scheduled for:

1 month before the event and/or sign-up-by date

1 week before the event and/or sign-up-by date

1 day before the event and/or sign-up-by date

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